Do you have a set of house rules at home? You know, house rules for your kids to obey to ensure all things (and people) in the house are maintained in a clean and orderly manner?

I don’t have kids, but I do need some house rules too – for my husband to follow! 😛

You see, my man can be so aggressive, alert, competent, enthusiastic and meticulous at work, but after work, once he walks into the house, he’s a total zombie. And he pays more attention to the 8 o’clock TV news than to his wife. That’s what infuriates me the most! 😛

So, I’ve come up with three (only three!) house rules for hubby to follow. (See, I’m not that mean a wife, but I’m pretty sure the list will become longer over time, ha!)

House rule #1. No watching TV while having dinner with me.
Dinner time is meant to be our ‘communication’ time. If you don’t want to talk because you talk too much at work, fine. Just listen to me. It’s my turn to do the talking.

House rule #2. Make sure that the toilet seat is clean on top and underneath after any business that you do sitting on it. 😛
I don’t want to elaborate on this. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to hear it either.

House rule #3. Ventilation hood must be switched on when cooking, especially when you are frying foods.
I cannot understand, is it difficult to switch on the vent hood? It’s not some complicated appliance, darling. What’s the use of a vent hood if you are not using it? You woke me up from a sweet dream because of the the smell of fried eggs! 😛

These three house rules may seem unimportant or redundant, but I tell you, they are most needed in the house to prevent me from losing my sanity!

You know what, I think I should have them printed out in black and white, and stick it somewhere to constantly remind hubby of what he should and should not do, hahaha!

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