We eat fruits and vegetables every day because we know that they are beneficial for our health. According to an article written by Dr Steve Yap, published in the food magazine “My Nourishment“, there are these top 10 local fruit and vegetables that may offer great life-saving benefits.

1. Banana – this berry contains rich dietary fibre and minerals; when consumed regularly in place of refined carbohydrates could help reduce risk of colon cancer.


2. Bamboo shoot – also high in dietary fibre; bamboo leaves were found to possess anti-tumour properties.


3. Bitter gourd – it’s actually a fruit, not a vegetable; commonly known for its blood sugar lowering health properties, and is helpful to diabetic patients.


4. Chinese cabbage – though being a cheap and common vegetable, local research suggests that this cabbage has cancerous tumours preventive properties. Traditional Chinese medicine considers Chinese cabbage to be very “cooling”, and is best used to counter “fire” or “heatiness”.

5. Pineapples – its stem is rich in an enzyme called bromelain, which is used to treat inflammation in nutritional medicine. Unfortunately, we usually don’t consume the stem. In addition, pineapple also helps alkalise our bodies.


6. Garlic – contains allicin, which helps cleanses the arteries and colon, raises good cholesterol, and thus promotes cardiovascular health.


7. Cucumber – This fruit is rich in soluble fibre and very low in fructose. It is good to consume cucumbers after a meal that is high in refined starch, simple sugars and unwanted fats.


8. Sengkuang – this root vegetable contains high amounts of potassium, useful for reversing the adverse effect of a high-sodium diet, which is usually associated with hypertension, kidney damage and stroke.


9. Sweet potato – either the purple or orange colored sweet potato can be a great substitute for the starchy potato. It is rich in alpha- and beta-carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A. Carotene is an anti-oxidant.

10. Guava – contains dozens of times higher in vitamin C compared to apples. However, it seeds should be avoided, and be cautious of genetically modified seedless guavas as their nutritional and health properties are yet to be fully determined.

Now you know which 10 local produce that you must have on your dining table for a healthier body!

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