LAZY is my new last name. (Valen Lazy… sounds like ‘Very Lazy’, hahaha!) Sorry again for not updating this blog for… let me check…  more than a month! 😛

Yah, I know, my mind has wandered off somewhere, doing other petty little things, spending my time and life (as well as money) away in hobby projects, make-money plans not making any money, blah blah blah… In short, not doing well. Hahaha!

So when you feel bad and down, you tend to remember the things or people that you have neglected, for example, this blog. Hahaha! So, here I am, visiting my own blog and realized that I have some photos of easy home cooked food sitting in the hard disk that have yet to be blogged about.

So today I would like to share a very simple recipe, that by even looking at the photo right now makes my mouth water (it’s dinner time soon la). :)~~~~

Introducing Valen Lazy’s Kimchi Fried Rice with Tuna! 😛

(Actually, I saw a Korean woman cooking this on YouTube, and that’s how I got the recipe.)

kimchi fried rice

Can’t remember if I wrote about this in my old blog, but what the heck, it’s so yummy that I think I should write about it twice! Especially it has a fried egg topping this time, hehehe.

I don’t know, perhaps not every one will like this recipe because not every one loves kimchi. Anyway, here’s how it is done, so simple it only requires 5 main ingredients:

  1. Ready-made kimchi bought from Jaya Jusco supermarket (or any other supermarkets)
  2. Rice (preferrably cooked the day before and chilled over night)
  3. Chopped garlic
  4. An egg (or two if you dare to challenge your cholesterol level!)
  5. A can of flaked tuna fish in water.


  1. Saute chopped garlic in hot oil until fragrant in the wok.
  2. Add tuna fish (water drained).
  3. Add kimchi for as much as you like :p. Don’t forget to add in the red, hot spicy juices, too.
  4. Stir fry ingredients well until fragrant.
  5. Add rice. Mix well, i.e. all rice appears reddish, do not want chunks of red and chunks of white. (This is the time to exercise your arm. :> )
  6. You can taste the rice and see if any salt or pepper is needed.
  7. Remove kimchi and tuna fried rice from the wok. Fill a bowl with the rice, overturn the bowl on a plate so that the rice will come out in a, well, overturned bowl shape. Haha!
  8. Fry an egg. Lay the fried egg on top of the rice.

Voila! Beautiful kimchi and tuna fried rice ready to be served! :)

p.s. don’t ask me how many cloves of garlic or how much kimchi are needed… Seriously, I don’t remember, haha! Well, it all depends on your personal taste preference and, ahem, cooking experience, okay? 😛

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