Nowadays even kitchen hobs have a variety of brands and functions to choose from, but sometimes too many options make it even more difficult to make decision.

If you are looking for a new hob for your kitchen, and want to know which cooker is best for you, the information below may help.

Gas hobs
They may be old-fashioned, but they are still very popular for a number of reasons – the heat source is visible, easy to control and is relatively cheaper to use than electricity.

Gas hobs come with knobs either on the front or on the side of the hob. Hobs with knobs on the front are easier to use for left-handers, as the knobs of hobs with side control are usually located on the right. This type of hobs are also friendly to those with special needs, such as wheelchair users. Hobs with side control are relatively safer if you have toddlers at home, as the knobs are out of their reach.

Tips to choosing a gas hob: choose one that comes with a gas safety valve, which will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out.

Ceramic hobs
They certainly look modern and stylish! Their surface is scratch resistance, and can be easily wiped clean. Spills should be wiped as soon as the hob has cooled so that they don’t harden on the glass top, but sugary spills need to be cleaned up immediately before they get baked and become difficult to remove. The main disadvantage is that they are slower to heat up and cool down.

If you want to use ceramic hobs, then all your pans and pots must have perfectly flat bottom to ensure maximum contact with the heat source. You won’t be able to cook with a wok on a ceramic hob, unless you go for additional wok feature.

Tips to choosing a ceramic hob
: Consider one with child lock safety features and will cut off the power to prevent overheating.

Induction hobs
This one is safer than gas or electric hobs because there is no flame or hot elements. The hob will only generate heat when it comes into contact with the steel or cast iron pot. As soon as the pot is removed, heat generation stops. The hob is not hot to touch, only on the areas where the pot has just been removed. This makes the hob easy to clean because food spillage does not get burnt like it would on ceramic hob.

However, when you use an induction hob, your pots and pans must be made of steel or cast iron, and have flat bottom. This type of hobs do not work with aluminium or Pyrex utensils.

Other than looking at the features, advantages and disadvantages of each type of hob, may be you also want to take into consideration issues like – do you cook often, do you cook for many people or just yourself, is there anyone else at home that cooks too – before you make your final decision. :)

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