A couple of weeks ago, my parents in law came to have dinner on a Sunday. The night before, hubby and I went to the supermarket to buy the ingredients we needed for the dishes.

Somehow this very simple salad recipe (read from a culinary magazine) came across my mind and I decided to have it in the family dinner menu.

The recipe needed only mango and avocado (to be sliced), a squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a sprinkle of cayenne powder. All you need to do is to toss everything in a bowl, and chill it before serving. The recipe was soooooo easy to remember and do, BUT the avocado was so tough to crack open!

Well, the truth is….. I didn’t know how to cut an avocado! Hahaha! 😛 I didn’t that there is a certain way to cut, slice or dice an avocado, and that the fruit must be RIPE in the first place, so that it is soft enough to be cut easily. I thought it was just another fruit (like apple or pear) that I could mess around with anytime. I was trying to peel away the fruit’s skin with a peeler. Haha!

At the end, hubby had to help. He vaguely remembered how a chef cut open an avocado in a cooking show he once watched on TV. But he too had to exert quite some effort to remove the pit. I managed to cut only one, luckily. The other one was a gone case as it was still very raw. Anyway, I managed to get the salad dish done. Whew~

So, if you have never bought an avocado before (like me 2 weeks ago), remember this (I just learned about this tip): always buy the avocado fruits few days before you want to use them. Wrap them in a paper bag to help them ripen faster. And to learn how to cut an avocado using the right (and ‘professional’) technique, watch the video below.

Enjoy your avocado! :)

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