I felt like I was living in one of the safe and peaceful neighborhoods in the US, because my house is literally gate-less! The front yard is wide open! No gate! 😛

The construction work commenced last Tuesday, and will be completed this week. Well, it could have progressed in a faster pace actually, but contractors are contractors…

We now have two bricked walls to replace our wired fences, but some painting work is needed to finish it up.

The left and right pillars for the gate to attach on are done as well, waiting to be painted.

The floor is fully tiled now, although the color of the new tiles is different from the original one.

It’s kinda funny, you know. Hubby and I had been very busy for the past week. I was never at home too. So, till today, we have never met the workers since the first day! 😛

Today I’m at home, but the workers didn’t come to work! Ha! Thought I could see them do some painting, or deliver my new gate at least. But…

Only after the new gate is installed, hubby’s friend will install the automatic gate device for us. Then, we can consider our front yard done. No more remodeling or whatsoever in the near future. Unless we want to go a step further to install some video surveillance system.

But we’re not living in a bungalow or mansion, I think hubby would rather get a German Shepherd dog than to spend on a digital surveillance video. 😛

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