I started ‘playing’ with fondant last year when I attended a half-day class on cupcake decorating, where I learned to make animal face cupcake toppers.

Fondant animal face cupcake toppers

Following that I took a cake decorating class where I learned to covered a cake with fondant and make simple fondant roses as toppers. (Apologies for the less than satisfactory quality of some photos posted in this post. Those were taken with my mobile phone, hehe.)

Wedding cake covered with fondant

The third class I took was to make cute animal figurines, also toppers for cupcakes.

Fondant animal figurines

I was so excited to try decorating my cakes/cupcakes with fondant decorations, so I bought a big 5 kg packet of fondant. That was last December, when I decorated a red velvet cake for Christmas.

Red velvet Christmas cake

And in February, I played with fondant again on my Valentine’s day mini cakes. They were the ugliest things I have ever made. So I’m not gonna post them here. Haha!

So, that’s about it. All the fun time I had with fondant until a month ago.

I was left with still a big pack of the icing. I can’t eat it straight from the pack. I mean, I don’t even eat the fondant on cupcakes! To me, fondant toppers or decorations are merely for aesthetic purpose, hehe. Looking at beautiful fondant toppers lift up your mood and makes you happy even before you start eating the cake! :)

I can’t leave the fondant to waste. I don’t know if there is an expiry date to fondant, but I don’t like the idea of using it on cakes after the pack has been opened for 6 months! (I do take caution to wrap up the pack of fondant properly after use and keep it in an air-tight container.)

So, one way to use up the sugar dough is to play with it, even if there are no cakes or cupcakes to go with it. 😉 There are many fondant decoration techniques I would like to learn and practise. I have quite a number of fondant cutters and plunger cutters to play with; I also have some sculpting tools that I still don’t know how to use, haha!

Therefore, after watching some online fondant class videos, and browsed through some images on the web, I decided to create four cupcake toppers with the theme of picnic tea party! (The photos from this point onwards are of better quality. ;))

The flowers, topper bases and scallop-shaped plates were cut out using cutters and plungers. The rests, e.g. teapot, teacups, cake, cake knife and birdie were shaped using hands.

Cupcake fondant toppers - tea party theme

I saw photos of fondant teapot and teacup on the web, so I tried to make a set of my own without knowing how to do it. Well, just gotta do it and find out I supposed. 😉 The teacup didn’t actually turn out to be the shape that I had imagined. Still cute though, hehe.

Fondant teapot and teacup

I have bought quite a number of cake decorating video classes from Craftsy. One of the classes (Tiny Cupcake Toppers, with Sheryl Bito) teaches how to make tiny cupcake toppers featuring desserts such as layered cake, jelly roll, strawberry shortcake and macarons. I watched the video lessons quite some time ago. I did not review the videos before doing this, but simply tried to remember the techniques I learned and came up with this purple layered cake. 😛

Cake figurine made with fondant

A piece of cake cut out from the purple cake shown above. The two weird-looking thingy with a green base and pink topping were supposed to be cupcakes, haha! I had no idea how to make them look like what they were supposed to be. Tried to mould them into the correct shape but I guessed I’m not good at handling tiny, delicate items at the moment.

Fondant toppers - a slice of cake and cupcakes

I wanted to show that this is an outdoor tea party. And that’s how the birdie came into the picture. You know how one enjoys picnic in the park, accompanied by birds and flowers in the surrounding. I saw some simple cartoon sketches of birds on the internet and got some idea how I want my birdie to look like.Fondant birdie and flowers

View of all the toppers from the top. I guess I could have made another one with a picnic basket and blanket so that the tea party theme would be made more obvious.Picnic tea party theme fondant toppers

I did not bake any cupcakes when I made these toppers. So I just stuffed some paper towel into the cupcake liners as to support the fondant toppers. That way I could have an idea of how these fondant toppers would look like if they were on real cupcakes. 😉Fondant birdie on cupcake

Teapot and teacup fondant toppers

My favourites among these fondant cupcake toppers are the ones I put on the cupcake liners – the teapot/teacup and the birdie/flowers toppers, hehe. I could have done a better and neater job with the layered cake. It’s all about timing; knowing when to cut/shape, e.g. while the fondant is still soft, or when it is slightly hardened, etc. And I will try to find out or figure out how to make fondant cupcakes that will look like cupcakes, haha!

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