fun cupcakes for kids party

Have had a ‘short break’ from baking (and hence blogging) due to an assignment that involved a trip to Bali followed by 3 weeks of writing time. Now the assignment is done and it is time to get back into the kitchen to spend some time with my KitchenAid heavy duty mixer. 😛

But before that, I would like to share some photos of the cheerful cupcakes, hee hee, that I made WEEKSSSS ago, just before my left for the working trip. I think these cupcakes are easy and fun to make–albeit spending a little bit more time–and will make wonderful treats in a kids party. I’m not going to write the recipes for the cupcake and buttercream. You can just use any of your favorite vanilla cupcake/cake and buttercream recipes. So here are the fun cupcakes ideas that you might want to consider. :)

Colorful sprinkles

You will need a bottle of colorful sprinkles or confetti used for cake decoration. You can also use additional types of candy sprinkles (e.g. chocolate candy sprinkle, not shown in pic) if you like. A simple idea to cheer up plain vanilla cupcakes is to add the sprinkles into your cupcake batter, mix just enough so that the sprinkles are spread out in the batter. The baked cupcakes will look like the ones in the pic below.

vanilla cupcakes with colorful sprinkles inside

You can also scatter the sprinkles on top of the cupcake before baking. You can serve the cupcakes as they are in this way, or pipe some buttercream on top. For me, buttercream is a must have, as it adds moisture to the cupcake with even more buttery flavor!

vanilla cupcakes with chocolate candy sprinkles on top

If you don’t have sprinkles, another way to add colors to cupcakes is to make a colored cupcake batter by adding a couple drops of food coloring. I used Americolor gel based food color. What I did was I colored a portion of my cupcake batter with pink, and keep another portion plain (no sprinkles). I first poured the pink batter into the paper casing, gave them a light tap to even out the surface of the batter, then poured in the ‘colorless’ batter. You can do it the other way round (i.e. plain batter in first followed by pink batter), or even up to three layers of color if you want to!

pink Americolor color gel

I piped some swirls onto my cupcake, and added more color sprinkles on top!

colorful sprinkles on buttercream

I don’t like how my swirls look like. Need more practice, my piping skill still has much room for improvement! 😛

colorful sprinkles on buttercream

Now, take a look inside the cupcakes – two-color cupcakes and color polka dot cupcakes! 😀

two-colored cupcakes

colorful sprinkles in the cupcake

Oh dear, looking at these pics is making me craving for cupcakes and buttercream~

fun cupcakes with colorful sprinkles inside

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