The older generations of Chinese believe that you cannot eat chicken when you have cough. While I don’t remember if my mom said that, but I definitely heard about it from my mother-in-law. Even the wife (or mom?) in a commercial ad for a Chinese traditional cough syrup said to the husband, “You have cough, you cannot eat chicken!”. 😛

Why? I don’t know. And I didn’t really believe it. Hey, if someone told you that you can’t eat chicken because you have cough but cannot explain why, will you listen to his or her advice?

But recently I realized that there may be some truth in the ‘old wife’s tale’. About 2 weeks ago, hubby was down with a flu and had some coughs, not serious though. Then one day, he had chicken rice (because we’re at The Chicken Rice Shop, and they don’t serve pork, ma..). That night he couldn’t sleep at all because he kept coughing. He complained of an itchy throat, wanted to suppress himself from coughing but ended up with more bursting coughs.

Since that day, hubby didn’t touch even a chicken feather, and could finally sleep better at night with less coughing.

So, no chicken the next time when we have cough.

So, we should listen and follow the advice of our parents and grandparents.

But why does eating chicken worsen coughing? This, I have to find out from my Chinese medicine doctor during my next visit.

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  1. Hi there,
    Did you manage to find out why? I was going to make chicken for dinner tonight and then thought I better research to see if there’s any truth to the no-chicken-when-you-have-a-cough idea (my daughter has a cough), but I cannot find anything on it!

  2. Hi Annette, no, I still don’t know why chicken is bad for cough. May be it’s a myth? a coincidence? But sometimes old folks saying have some truth in it, just that they don’t have an explanation for it. I think the best person to ask is actually a traditional Chinese medicine doctor. :)

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