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18 months of great time


Let’s see…. it’s been one year and 6 months since I made my last appearance here! I’m really sorry for always missing in action (for a long time). 😛

Well, life has just too many beautiful distractions and temptations, hasn’t it? Anyway, I hope I’m coming back, for good this time, hehe.


So first of all, a quick update on what I had done in the past 18 months.

1. Writing as a freelance as usual.

2. Did lots of home cooking as usual.

3. Started to take part in 10 km runs.

4. Took up a 3-month part-time pastry course and several cake decoration classes.

5. Bought my first KitchenAid Heavy Duty Stand Mixer!!

6. As a consequence of No.4 and No.5, I could finally make my own fondant decorated red velvet cake during Christmas time, and a Doraemon-faced butter cream cake for my nieces’ birthday. 😉 Of course, I had also tried various recipes of cookies and cupcakes and baked items.

7. And, finally, the highlight of 2013 – a holiday in Athens and Santorini!

Looking at the list above, you bet I will have a lot to share in the time to come, be it recipes that I learned from my pastry class, or photos taken during my holidays. Not forgetting to mention that I will be heading for a holiday in two weeks’ time (destination to be revealed later ;)). Even more photos and travel tips to share after I return!

So, while I hope that you will stay put to follow my updates, I hope that MY butt will stay put and not wander away from this blog again. 😛

Hello, again

Oops, I did it again!

Nope, I’m not listening to Britney Spears. I’m just returning from another long ‘virtual absence’ for… (checking the date of my last post)… almost 3 years! 😛

The reason being me being occupied with some freelance writing projects in the beginning, followed then by two full-time jobs over the past 2 years.

When the whole of your day is spent in front of the computer dealing with words, typing, reading and editing, really,  there’s no single drop of brain juice left at the end of the day to update the blog.

Obviously, I’m no longer in a 9-to-5 daily grind now, that’s why I suddenly remembered of this blog! Haha!

I will try not to repeat this erratic behaviour (hmm, I think I have said this before), again.

And as a ‘return gift’, haha, I will present to you my short-cut pizza recipe right after this. 😉

3 Weeks without a post – sorry!

Actually I have a lot to share, including a couple of baking recipes that I used to serve my guests during Chinese New Year. But, again, life’s busy after CNY (for what I’m not too sure, ha!), and I just came back from a holiday in Langkawi Island last week!

I have got the photos stored in my laptop now, but I’m too tired to write a long post or to recall the ingredients and method of my recipes, so I think I shall leave it till tomorrow — my altered baked buffalo wings recipe! :)

While I can feel that Mr SleepyHead is knocking on my door now *yawn* it’s not bed time for me yet. The washing machine is running and no matter what I will have to get the clothes hung up tonight.

Welcome to the life of a housewife…