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Auto gate and construction happening soon

Finally, after moving into our house for more than half a year, we are going to have an auto gate system installed.

Hubby received his performance bonus last month, it’s quite a sum I would say. But before we can plan doing or buying anything nice for ourselves (so sad…), hubby has allocated the money towards remodeling our front yard.

The money is going to be spent on getting an auto gate, some construction work to ‘switch’ the position of the gate and the mailbox, have the floor fully filled up with tiles, and build brick fences on both sides.

The ‘switching’ part is for the sake of feng shui, la. 😉 Before we moved into this house, we actually had a feng shui master ‘reviewed’ our house. We are glad to know that the overall feng shui of our house is quite good, but in order to ‘welcome’ the goodness and prosperity that is coming from a hill located northwest to our house, having the gate and our main entrance on the left side will allow the ‘ong’ to flow in smoother and more easily.

For this reason, we are using the sliding glass door as the entrance into our home, but we have been delaying the gate section due to lack of budget. Since we have the budget now, we’d better get it done before the money is spent elsewhere! Nowadays hubby is more keen to get our house feng shui right than to buy a pair of Hush Puppies leather shoes that he has drooled over for a long time. 😛

A ‘smart’ way to get a parking space?

Shopping malls are always crowded during weekends, and finding a parking space in hot spots like MidValley Megamall and One Utama can be frustrating. Still, it is unavoidable if those are the places we go to shop for our weekly groceries and household stuffs at Jaya Jusco.

If we are lucky enough, we could get a parking space within 10 minutes. Ocassionally, particularly during sales season, we may just go round and round in a big parking lot to figure out that we are behind a long queue of vehicles looking for parking space as well!

At this time, a better strategy would be to stop our car at an area where fewer cars pass by, and just wait, wait, wait. Hopefully, someone who is leaving the mall, with his or her car happens to park near where we waited, will appear soon. Many people apply this strategy. Saves energy and petrol, and still stand a chance of getting a parking space.

Now, I realized there is an even ‘smarter’ way of securing a parking space. Not all drivers are ‘smart’ enough to think of this way. Only people lack of civilized minds will do this. Saw an example of how this was done last week, and was so amazed by what a seemingly proper and elegant-looking woman could do.

You can follow what she did – when you spot a family coming out from the exit glass door, assign your mom or dad to follow them to your car. Important: keep in contact with your mom or dad through your mobile phone. You may or may not be able to follow them to their car, but your mom or your dad will tell you on the phone to get to parking space A21. So you will go against the flow of traffic direction, and drive to A21 in the shortest time possible. You don’t care if there is already a car waiting there RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CAR THAT IS ABOUT TO LEAVE, because your super-efficient-parking-space-detecter’ followed the family to the car, so you get the ‘right’ to park at that spot. Regardless of how the other car may have waited there patiently for 10 minutes.

You will be so lucky if that driver who has waited for 10 minutes is so ‘generous’ albeit unwillingly to let you have that parking space. You won’t be leaving the mall with your beautiful face intact if whom you messed with is a road bully…

You think you’re a smart woman, driving a huge MPV, and so you have the right to act inconsiderately, huh? You’re lucky because I can’t remember your vehicle plate number, otherwise your car plate number will be posted here in the largest font possible!! 😛

Chicken and cough

The older generations of Chinese believe that you cannot eat chicken when you have cough. While I don’t remember if my mom said that, but I definitely heard about it from my mother-in-law. Even the wife (or mom?) in a commercial ad for a Chinese traditional cough syrup said to the husband, “You have cough, you cannot eat chicken!”. 😛

Why? I don’t know. And I didn’t really believe it. Hey, if someone told you that you can’t eat chicken because you have cough but cannot explain why, will you listen to his or her advice?

But recently I realized that there may be some truth in the ‘old wife’s tale’. About 2 weeks ago, hubby was down with a flu and had some coughs, not serious though. Then one day, he had chicken rice (because we’re at The Chicken Rice Shop, and they don’t serve pork, ma..). That night he couldn’t sleep at all because he kept coughing. He complained of an itchy throat, wanted to suppress himself from coughing but ended up with more bursting coughs.

Since that day, hubby didn’t touch even a chicken feather, and could finally sleep better at night with less coughing.

So, no chicken the next time when we have cough.

So, we should listen and follow the advice of our parents and grandparents.

But why does eating chicken worsen coughing? This, I have to find out from my Chinese medicine doctor during my next visit.