Wow, looks like I’ve had another ‘hibernating’ episode that spanned over 2 years! Yeah, had travelled to and back from some Neverland and Wonderland of mine, and now I’m back to pick up bits and pieces I left behind. Haha!

So, what happened to me in my other world dimensionin the past 2 years? Well, first I was pulled into the world of dog because we got a German Shepherd puppy in August 2014. Just like how a couple having their first newborn added to their family, haha, everything we did revolves around the puppy since then. Had to temporarily ‘give up’ some of our favourite activities and rescheduled our routine.

Life eventually resumed its normality as puppy grew, and I returned to a full time work position in 2015. One year later, I felt exhausted and decided that it’s high time to pursue my interest and passion. So I took off my editor’s cap and put on a kitchen hat, hehe, and became a pastry art student for 3 months.

My plan (hmm, plan) is to start a home-baking business. I diligently cooked and baked (plus lots of cleaning and washing after) to test some cakes and cookies recipes that I could put forward as my main business products. Unfortunately, I developed some form of tendonitis on my right wrist and left heel as a result of wear and tear (overuse of hands? prolonged standing). Oouch!

I figure that my wrist condition is not going to get better if my hand is constantly holding, bending, wringing, squeezing, twisting something while doing kitchen chores. So I am now letting my hand gets the rest it deserves and just let it deal with basic cooking and housework. Heavy chores? Just have to give hubby a shout! 😛

While keeping my hand from dealing with heavy weight tasks, light activities such as writing, drawing and painting are manageable. Calligraphy and lettering are now my new found passion, haha! May be a new career direction even. May be it’s my true calling.

Speaking of one’s true calling or life destiny, I kind of like the idea of understanding oneself through astrology (e.g. the Chinese Bazi) or numerology. It’s not fortune telling, don’t get it wrong. It’s about understanding what your personal traits and life path are that you were born with, so that you know what or how to work with it accordingly to achieve success in life.

There’s one site that I found interesting is, where you can fill in your name and birth date, and get an immediate reading presented in a video! You can go here and try and see if it’s accurate. I will check mine soon!

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