Are you treating your fridge well, keeping it squeaky clean all the time?

Fridge Why I am asking this question, is because the difference I saw in the fridges from three families – my parents, my parents in laws, and mine.

There are two refrigerators at my parents’ home. But they are never filled up, except during Chinese New Year. Refrigerators like these are very easy to clean and keep it tidy, but my mom hardly does her job. 😛

In my parents in law’s house, there is one refrigerator and one huge freezer, and both are always filled up with stuffs. The fridge usually keeps food ingredients for daily use and dinner leftover for the next day. The freezer is to store ingredients like frozen food (e.g. fish, chicken) and dried stuffs such as scallop. Despite fully loaded with things, the fridge and freezer are always kept clean.

Mine, errr, 70% full; I hardly clean it, but things are arranged in quite an orderly manner. The problem is – some of the bottles and packets are kept in there for too long until their long passed their expiry dates. 😛 I hate to say this, but… like mother like daughter. Haha!

You see, compared to other areas in the house, such as the living room, bedrooms, dining area etc, where you see things in the open, you notice whatever that doesn’t seem right or appear dirty and untidy. Whereas in the fridge, everything is hidden behind a closed door…… And I tend to forget that there are things exist behind that door, until I need to get something out from the fridge. 😛

Anyway, I probably should make a change from now onwards, that is to keep my fridge clean and tidy at all times. Read an article in magazine about 5 simple steps to cleaning the fridge, and am sharing those tips with you here.

First, empty the fridge by taking out the food and store frozen items in coolers. It’s okay if you don’t have a cooler because perishable foods can stay at room temperature for at least 2 hours before it starts to spoil. (So, make sure you complete your fridge cleaning within 2 hours.)

The next thing to do is to wash the crispers and ice-maker bins. Empty the ice maker and ice cube tray. Soak them in warm water, then add in a bit of detergent and scrub them. After that, wash and wipe dry.

Now, wipe the doors, shelves and walls with a solution of 2 tablespoons of baking soda to 4 cups of water. Don’t forget to vacuum up crumbs that sit on the trays and shelves.

You will also vacuum the fridge exterior – dusts and food crumbs that have accumulated underneath the fridge. If you are able to reach the rear coils, top vents and the wall behind the fridge, vacuum those areas as well.

Lastly, wipe off any dirt on the fridge exterior with a wet, soapy cloth.

Do you think anyone can get this done under 2 hours?

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