Let’s see…. it’s been one year and 6 months since I made my last appearance here! I’m really sorry for always missing in action (for a long time). 😛

Well, life has just too many beautiful distractions and temptations, hasn’t it? Anyway, I hope I’m coming back, for good this time, hehe.


So first of all, a quick update on what I had done in the past 18 months.

1. Writing as a freelance as usual.

2. Did lots of home cooking as usual.

3. Started to take part in 10 km runs.

4. Took up a 3-month part-time pastry course and several cake decoration classes.

5. Bought my first KitchenAid Heavy Duty Stand Mixer!!

6. As a consequence of No.4 and No.5, I could finally make my own fondant decorated red velvet cake during Christmas time, and a Doraemon-faced butter cream cake for my nieces’ birthday. 😉 Of course, I had also tried various recipes of cookies and cupcakes and baked items.

7. And, finally, the highlight of 2013 – a holiday in Athens and Santorini!

Looking at the list above, you bet I will have a lot to share in the time to come, be it recipes that I learned from my pastry class, or photos taken during my holidays. Not forgetting to mention that I will be heading for a holiday in two weeks’ time (destination to be revealed later ;)). Even more photos and travel tips to share after I return!

So, while I hope that you will stay put to follow my updates, I hope that MY butt will stay put and not wander away from this blog again. 😛

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